Courses conducted by Dr. Joardder

HeaT Transfer -I

A fundamental course for Heat transfer including conduction and radiation heat transfer for the students of Mechanical Engineering

HeaT Transfer -II

Fundamental course of heat transfer pertaining convection heat transfer and Mass transfer .

Heat Tranfer (CFPE)

A fundamental course of heat transfer pertaining to heat transfer phenomena relating to the chemical and food process unit operations.

Heat and Mass Tranfer (GCE)

Fundamnetal course of heat tranfer pertaining convection heat transfer relaing the chemical andfood process unit operations.

Fluid Mechanics-I

Fundamnetal course of fluid mechanics contaning fluid properties, fundamental laws of fluid mecanics, fluid kinmatics .

Advance Radiation & conduction

At the end of this course, students will able to apply the concepts of conduction and radiation in real-world heat transfer problems: