Pro Activities

Editorial Role


Dr. Jaordder is the regular reviewer of many high quality peer reviewed journal in the field of heat and mass transfer, energy and transport phenomena in food processing. The selected journals are as listed: 

Trends in Food Science and Technology (IF:8.51, Elsevier)

Comprehensive review in food science and food safety (IF: 5.97, Willey)

Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (IF:4.97, Elsevier)

Scintific Reports (IF:4.26, Nature)

International Jornal of Thermal Science (IF:3.61, Elsevier)

Food Bioscience (IF:1.96, Elsevier)

Energy (IF:4.52, Elsevier)

Fuel Processing Technology  (IF:3.96, Elsevier)

International Journal of Food Properties (IF:1.8, Taylor and Francis)

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IF:3.58, Elsevier)

Drying Technology: An international Journal (IF:1.96, Taylor and Francis)

International Journal of Ambient Energy (IF:0.9, Taylor and Francis)

The Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering (IF:2.0, Springer)

International Journal of Food Engineering (IF:3.09, Elsevier)

LWT – Food Science & Technology ( IF: 3.12, Elsevier)

Energy Strategy Review (IF:2.16, Elsevier)

Journal of food processing engineering (IF:1.83, Willey)

Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture ( IF: 2.42, Willey)

Food Reviews International (IF: 3.93, Tailor and Francis)

IEE Sensor (IF:3.00, IEEE Xplore)

Journal of Applied Physics (IF: 2.32, AIP)

Journal of Food Quality ( IF:1.3, Willey)

Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences (IF:, Elsevier)

Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (IF:, Elsevier)

Haloyin (Elsevier)

Acta Ecologica Sinica – International Journal (IF:, Elsevier)

Engineering Reports  (, Wiley)

Book Proposal Review: Elsevier , Spinger Nature